NEN is a multi-faceted organization. We do not just issue standards, guidelines and publications, we also offer training programs and advice on practical applications. We are also regularly looking for new committee members who want to cooperate in developing a new standard. Please ask us your questions or give us your comments.

Customer service

If you have any questions about orders, subscriptions, the NEN shop or invoices, we can be reached by telephone on workdays from 8.30 AM to 5 PM.

0031 152 690 391


Visiting address

Vlinderweg 6
2623 AX Delft
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Mail address

Postbus 5059
2600 GB Delft

Conference rooms & facilities

NEN has 7 conference rooms, with daylight in modern design, and named after the world continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Antarctica, and the Delft room on the top floor.

Examining standards at NEN?

If you do not want to purchase a standard, but just want to examine a specific standard, you can do so at NEN in Delft. You can examine all the standards there, but you cannot store them or copy any contents of the standards. We are open workdays from 9 AM to 5 PM.


Just like any book, CD-ROM or any other publication, the standards – both on paper and digital – are protected by copyright. Read more about this in the brochure: NEN Auteursrecht..

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