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Annual report 2016

Read more and download 'NEN Annual report 2016'

Annual report 2015

NEN has increased its social impact : higher customer satisfaction and facilitation of the implementation of standards.

Read more and download 'NEN Annual report 2015'

Annual report 2014

2014 was a succesful year for NEN: more exposure, more partnerships and extension of our products 7 services.

Read more and download 'NEN Annual report 2014'

Annual report 2013

2013 was exceptional for NEN. This annual report illustrates that standardization remains relevant as strategic instrument on the way to efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

Read more and download 'NEN Annual report 2013'

Annual Report 2012

Looking back at 2012, one can conclude that it was an exhilarating year. It became evident in economic, political and social areas that new answers are needed to...

Read more in the Annual Report 'Standardization a strategic instrument'

Corporate brochure

NEN plays a facilitating role. Standards are agreements made by interested parties regarding a product, service or system and standardization is the process leading...

Read more and download 'Standardization, NEN sets the standard'

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The NEN logo is a registered logo and cannot be copied without permission. Do you work according to a certain standard or are you certified according to a standard? You can of course refer to this in your communication, but you cannot use our logo for this.


Just like any book, CD-ROM or any other publication, the standards – both on paper and digital – are protected by copyright.

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