Our strategy

Proper agreements on products, methods and services are important, but if it is a matter of safety, they are absolutely vital. Think for example about the safety of toys, fire safety of decorations and counterterrorism.

Our mission

The world is changing quickly and becoming increasingly more complex. Society requires order, safety and sustainability. Innovation is essential in this regard. Standardization is a powerful instrument that ensures the necessary coordination, in order to be able to achieve both corporate and social objectives. As a non-profit organization, NEN brings together interested parties to enter into jointly applicable agreements and facilitate their implementation. NEN also offers an access point for market players in international decision-making which enhances export power.

Our Ambitions

NEN is the knowledge network within the Netherlands for standards development and application at both national and international level. We are the preferred partner for all interested parties. Together with our customers, we pool our knowledge of the market and technological developments and translate this into applicable agreements, which promote innovation, sustainability, safety, efficiency and international trade. The added value offered by standards development and application is evident to our customers. NEN’s success is based on its employees who put customers’ interests first, excel in providing services and invest in continual improvement.

Our Action Plan

We achieve our ambitions by

  • proactively approaching customers and adapting our service offering to their needs
  • promoting standardization as an instrument for scaling up and creating market acceptance for new innovations
  • providing low-threshold access to the standardization process for small and medium-sized companies and social institutions
  • improving our processes and systems (simpler, faster, more cost-effective)
  • creating logical, legible and usable standards and facilitating their implementation
  • maintaining a close relationship with ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC and providing guidance to international secretariats in fields where the Netherlands possesses great expertise and has substantial interests (such as Energy, Water, Biobased Economies, Logistics, Electrical Engineering, Agriculture, Food and Medical Technology)
  • setting up alliances with other “complementary” knowledge institutes
  • offering employees challenging work that allows application and development of their talents.

Our unique features

  • Open and transparent
  • Development and implementation of standards
  • Access to formal, international standardization circuits
  • Accessible for all sectors/open to learning from all sectors
  • Ability to bring parties together/
  • Bridge-building ability/link between public and private

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More information?

Please contact NEN Communications department.

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Our Core Values

  • Honest we strive to set up long-term relationships
  • Professional we strive to attain the highest standard
  • Cementing we share each other's knowledge, qualities and networks
  • Service-focused we keep our promises