Hydrogen Quality and Flow Metering for Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles

Hydrogen Quality and Flow Metering for Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles

A joint workshop hosted by MetroHyve and Hydraite

  • 11-12 september 2019 - Delft
Programme 11 September 2019
The program and further information will follow shortly.
Programme 12 September 2019
The program and further information will follow shortly


With many countries worldwide pledging to reduce the number of petrol and diesel cars on their roads, hydrogen vehicles are set to play an important role in decarbonising transportation. However, fuel cell systems require extremely high purity hydrogen to operate and this requires a robust quality assurance system. Additionally, methods for flow metering must be developed to enable quantification of the amount of hydrogen dispensed into vehicles.

A combined workshop is being hosted by the EMPIR MetroHyVe and FCH 2 JU HYDRAITE projects with the aim of providing good practice to the hydrogen community on several topics:

* Flow metering
* Quality assurance
* Quality control
* Hydrogen sampling
* Fuel cell impurity testing

The two day workshop will incorporate talks from partners of the projects on these topics to introduce the importance of these measurements, where the requirements come from (e.g. the relevant standards) and how the measurements should be carried out. Each topic session will include dedicated panel discussions led by key industrial stakeholders.

There will be an opportunity to partake in a poster exhibition where project partners can showcase their deliverables / activities so far.

Attendance to the workshop is free of charge, but will be limited depending on the number of registrations.

The workshop is recommended for anyone working directly with hydrogen vehicles or the infrastructure that supports it.

Poster exhibition

If you would like to make use of the opportunity to show a poster to draw attention to your project/organization, please send an email to: gnieuwenkamp@vsl.nl


VSL Dutch Metrology Institute
Thijsseweg 11
2629 JA Delft
The Netherlands

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Do you have organizational questions? Please contact Lennart de Waart


Questions about the workshop?

For questions and information about the workshop, please contact Gerard Nieuwenkamp.