Metrology for Biomethane

Metrology for Biomethane

Workshop on conformity assessment of biomethane

  • 22-23 januari 2019 - Delft
Programme 22 January 2019
09.30 Registration + Coffee/ Tea
10.00 Opening events by NEN + VSL (Francoise de Jong and Marc Pieksma)
10.30 Special Introduction of European Metrology Network on Energy Gases (Annarita Baldan, EURAMET representative)
11.30 Goals of the Workshop (Jianrong Li, VSL)
12.00 Lunch
13.00 Status of EU biogas & biomethane sectors (Stefanie Königsberger, EBA)
13.40 Gas quality situation in Italy - gas (natural gas and biomethane) quality specifications, laws and how it is controlled (Alejandra Casola Lopez, Snam Rete Gas)
14.10 Activities on measurement of biogas and biomethane impurities at PSI (Serge M.A. Biollaz, PSI)
14.40 Coffee/ Tea break
15.00 Measurement techniques and test methods for measuring total silicon and siloxanes contents (Lucy Culleton, NPL + Rialda Kurtic, IMBiH + Tim Robinson, WAL + Open discussion)
16.20 Measurement techniques and test methods for measuring fluorine, chlorine and halogenates VOCs contents (Javis Nwaboh, PTB + Timo Rajamaki, VTT + Open discussion)
17.30 Close of the day
Programme 23 January 2019
09.00 Registration + Coffee/Tea
09.15 Activities on biogas and biomethane within Air Liquide (Martine Carré, Air Liquide)
09.45 Measurement techniques and test methods for measuring amines contents (Lorena Cuccia, GRTgaz + Jianrong Li, VSL + Open discussion)
10.30 Coffee/ Tea break
10.45 Measurement techniques and test methods for measuring ammonia content (Lucy Culleton, NPL + Gabriele Migliavacca, ISSI + Open discussion)
12.00 Lunch
13.00 DNV GL’s Common practices for the analysis of Biogas (Marina Pals-Lammers, DNV GL)
13.30 Advantages of online measurements of biogas contaminants (Mikko Weckström, Qualvista)
14.00 Measurement techniques and test methods for measuring terpenes contents (Christophe Tastard, GRTgaz + Sergi Moreno, NPL + Open discussion)
14.45 Measurement techniques and test methods for the determination of compressor oil carryover (Oliver Buker, RISE + Francois Lestremau, INERIS + Open discussion)
15.30 Coffee/ Tea break
15.45 Test methods for the determination of biogenic methane content (Sanne Palstra, RUG + Open discussion)
16.15 Conclusions and recommendations
16.45 Close of the day with social drinks
18.30 Closure


As European natural gas resources are declining, diversification of the European energy supply has become necessary. Biomethane is a sustainable and domestic available alternative to natural gas. To facilitate the use of biomethane in existing infrastructures (e.g., transmission and distribution grids and at refueling stations), CEN/PC 408 developed specifications (EN16723). Currently, the test methods cited in EN16723 are neither harmonised nor validated, lack aspects of metrological traceability, and are usually not specifically developed for biomethane. In response to this need, ISO/TC193 has formed a WG25 “Biomethane” to work on standardized methods.

In order to assess conformity with the EN16723 specifications and to provide further essential input to WG25 “Biomethane”, the currently running European joint research project EURAMET EMPIR 16ENG05 – Metrology for biomethane, aims to develop standardised test methods for the groups of parameters (mainly impurities) to be monitored when injecting biomethane into the natural gas grids and when using it as a transport fuel. A further objective of this project is to develop or improve the measurement standards for these parameters, in order to enable SI-traceable calibration and accurate measurement results.


The aim of the workshop is to collect ideas for the development of standardised test methods in support of the European specification for biomethane, EN 16723. The emphasis lies on preselecting measurement methods for the contents of (i) total silicon and siloxanes, (ii) total fluorine, chlorine and halogenates VOCs, (iii) terpenes, (iv) amines, (v) ammonia, and (vi) compressor oil, in biomethane, as well as for (vii) the biogenic methane content in blends of biogas and natural gas.

The two-day workshop is open to experts in the field of natural gas, biogas, and biomethane. The recommendations from the workshop will be used to further shape the work on-going in the project “Metrology for Biomethane” and in ISO/TC193/SC1/WG25 “Biomethane”.

European Metrology Network (EMN)

We live in an energy transition period driven in Europe by the European Directives on renewable energy and by the ratification of the Paris agreement linked to climate change. These drivers strongly push towards energy diversification and towards use of more sustainable energy gas sources less dependent on import. This means that in the next decades we will have a complex energy mix, where energy gases such as natural gas and liquified natural gas, will be coexisting and interchanged with biogas/biomethane, hydrogen and any new emerging energy gas source or vector.
To address the measurement needs derived from this energy mix with an efficient and coordinated approach and to interface with the existing energy gases stakeholders platforms, a group of EU National Metrology Institutes have formed the European Metrology Network on Energy Gases. This network supports the vision of a cross-cutting long-term strategy targeted to mobility, energy gas production, conversion, transmission, distribution and storage.

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