Metrology for biomethane

Metrology for biomethane

Second Workshop on conformity assessment of biomethane

Jointly organised by the project EURAMET EMPIR 16ENG05 “Metrology for Biomethane” and ISO/TC193/SC1/WG25 “Biomethane”

  • 8-9 september 2020 - via virtual meetings/ webinars (Using MS Teams)
Tentative programme 8 September 2020
Amsterdam Time
10.00 Workshop 1
Short introduction by Project leader
NWIP for total silicon concentration (IMBiH)
11.00 Workshop 2
Shortintroduction by Project leader
NWIP for siloxanes (NPL)
13.00 Workshop 3
Short introduction by Project leader
NWIP for halogenated VOCs (VSL + INERIS + RISE)
14.00 Workshop 4
Short introduction by Project leader
NWIP for HCI + HF (wet chemistry) (INERIS + ISSI)
Tentative programme 9 September 2020
Amsterdam Time)
10.00 Workshop 5
Short introductio by Project leader
NWIP for ammonia (NPL + VSL + RICE)
11.00 Workshop 6
Short introduction by Project leader
NWIP for terpenes (RICE + RISE + NPL)
13.00 Workshop 7
Short introdcution by Project leader
NWIP for compressor oil concentration (RISE + INERIS)
14.00 Workshop 8
Sort introductio by Project leader
NWIP for amines concentration (RICE + VSL)
15.00 Workshop 9
Short introduction by Project leader
NWIP for biogenic methane fraction (RUG)


As European natural gas resources are declining, diversification of the European energy supply has become necessary. Biomethane is a sustainable and domestic available alternative to natural gas. To facilitate the use of biomethane in existing infrastructures (e.g., transmission and distribution grids and at refueling stations), CEN/PC 408 developed specifications (EN16723). Currently, the test methods cited in EN16723 are neither harmonised nor validated, lack aspects of metrological traceability, and are usually not specifically developed for biomethane. In response to this need, ISO/TC193/SC 1 has formed a WG25 “Biomethane” to work on standardized methods.

In order to assess conformity with the EN16723 specifications and to provide further essential input to WG25 “Biomethane”, the currently running European joint research project EURAMET EMPIR 16ENG05 – Metrology for biomethane, aims to develop standardised test methods for the groups of parameters (mainly impurities) to be monitored when injecting biomethane into the natural gas grids and when using it as a transport fuel. A further objective of this project is to develop or improve the measurement standards for these parameters, in order to enable SI-traceable calibration and accurate measurement results.


The aim of the workshop is to present the proposed test methods, the results of the validation and performance evaluation. The project outcomes will be discussed in view of the take-up of these results by ISO/TC193/SC1/WG25 Biomethane. The emphasis lies on measurement methods for the contents of (i) total silicon and siloxanes, (ii) total fluorine, chlorine and halogenates VOCs, (iii) terpenes, (iv) amines, (v) ammonia, and (vi) compressor oil, in biomethane, as well as for (vii) the biogenic methane content in blends of biogas and natural gas.

The two-day workshop is open to experts in the field of natural gas, biogas, and biomethane.


Attending the workshop is free of charge.

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