Adapting buildings to climate change The role of standardization

This workshop took place at NEN, Delft, The Netherlands on 15 December 2015.
In support of the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change, the European Commission (EC) issued a standardization request to contribute to building and maintaining a more climate resilient infrastructure throughout the EU in three priority sectors:
• Buildings/construction
• Energy infrastructure
• Transport infrastructure
The objective of the standardization request is to identify standards that are most relevant for climate change adaptation in the three sectors, to prioritize those standards, in order to establish a list of priority standards (max 20 per sector) to be revised.

Strategy on Adaptation George Paunescu
Adaptation to Climate Change Andrea Nam
Standardization programme in support of the EU Strategy Caroline van Hoek
Depoldering ‘Noordwaard’ Ab de Buck
CEN Guide 4 Supplement Kay Johnstone
Solution approach of the CEN/TC 350 Ari Ilomäki
Energy Performance of Buildings Jaap Hogeling
climate information Hasse Goosen
Climate adaptation in historical cities Fred Goedbloed
Improving Climate Change Panu Pasanen

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