Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Beds (GITB)

October 6 Plenary Meeting in Brussels

The GITB plenary meeting will be held on October 6 in Brussels at the CEN-CENELEC Meeting Centre. Test bed providers and user communities are kindly invited to participate and contribute their testing experiences to the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting is available here.

Please register your participation for this plenary meeting before 4 September 2015 by sending an e-mail to:

Your feedback is required! The draft CWA is available for commenting now

The CEN Workshop on Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Beds phase 3 (CEN/WS GITB3) has published its draft CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) on the CEN website for public review.

The document can be downloaded here: Global eBusiness Interoperability Test Bed (GITB) Phase 3: Implementation Specifications and Proof-of-Concept

The deadline for commenting is October 26, 2015.

ISA Action 4.2.6 using GITB for interoperability testing

The ISA program is dedicated to Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations, enabling collaboration beyond e-borders and sectors.

As part of Action 4.2.6, ISA will showcase the added value of a test bed for interoperability testing, as well as the Proof of Concept test bed as a solution.

Test Bed Demo up and running

A public accessible instance of GITB's Test Bed is available here.

The source code of GITB's open source Test Bed Implementation is uploaded and available via Join Up

Video on Test Bed Implementation

We have recorded an example scenario and user guide video of GITB's Proof of Concept Test Bed.

The scenario involves 4 main actors: Sender Access Point; Receiver Access Point; Service Metadata Locator (SML) and Serivce Metadata Publisher (SMP)