GITB open source proof of concept test bed

GITB's proof of concept Test Bed implementation

The architecture of GITB has been implemented in an open source proof of concept test bed, based on GITB principles and specifications. The source code of GITB's open source Test Bed Implementation available via GitHub. A public accessible instance of GITB's Test Bed is available here. Watch the video below to see an example scenario of GITB.

GITB Test Bed on GitHub

The latest version of GITB Test Bed Implementation is maintained on GItHub.
It uses Maven as a build automation and dependency management tool, and can be run after a successful build. GITB`s Proof of Concept test bed comes also with a test control & management application as well as user management.

Usage and Experiences

Currently different communities and test bed providers are experimenting with the GITB open source test bed.
First experiences are reported by ISA. They provide a test bed for interoperability testing against reference implementations of cross-border services.
For more information see of Action 4.2.6, of ISA program.