Registry and Repository

Test Registry & Repository (TRR)

In the GITB infrastructure, the Test Registry and Repository (TRR) is aimed at supporting the Test Beds for managing, archiving and sharing distributed Testing Resources. The TRR can also be used as a long-term archival platform for Testing Resources.

The TRR is part of the GITB infrastructure, however, it is not considered as part of a Test Bed, as it is a software component that is independently deployed, managed and accessed. Tests writers and Test Bed providers use the TRR to:
• Manage references of existing Test Beds and Testing Resources,
• Manage and store actual Testing Resources


The TRR features are similar to the features of a registry and a repository, where storage, retrieval and search are the main features. Users access features both through a graphical user interface and through a messaging interface (Web services).
The main features of the TRR are the management and the search of Testing Resources and Test Beds.
The management feature of Testing Resources and Test Beds is about i) creating, modifying and deleting the references to existing Testing Resources and Test Beds and ii) creating, modifying and deleting actual Testing Resources

The search feature of Testing Resources and Test Beds is illustrated with the following typical search to which the TRR will answer:
• Which Test Beds and Testing Resources are available for a specific context and a specific testing purpose?
• Context = Industry A, Country B, e-business specification C, role D (an actor in the e-business specification)
• Testing purpose = validation or simulation

To facilitate identification, discovery and search of the Test Beds and the Test Resources, a metadata schema has been developed for the TRR

ADMS profile

The Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS) was originally drafted to describe semantic interoperability assets. An ADMS application profile is a specification for data interchange that adds additional constraints to the original ADMS, so the scope of the ADMS is extended or restricted for specific purpose by modifying required terms, classes and properties, etc.

A metadata schema has been developed for identifying and describing the Testing Resources managed by the TRR by reusing and combining existing terms from different standards and specifications. The metadata schema for Testing Resources is an ADMS application profile called ADMS.TRR


Joinup is a collaborative platform created by the European Commission with the following capabilities:
• Sharing of information like news, case studies and events about a project,
• Cataloguing interoperability solutions software,
• Searching on the catalogue.
Joinup is open source and uses ADMS extensively for content description. Using Joinup to host the GITB TRR will assure sustainability of the GITB TRR and will drive new users on the Joinup platform.

Development is in progress and a first version of the TRR is expected to be released on Joinup at the beginning of September 2015.

We invite you, Test Designers, Test Manager, and Test Bed Providers, to share your interest with us, so we can start referencing your existing Test Resources and Test Beds.