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Gazelle Test Bed

Gazelle is a test bed for testing the interoperability of eHealth systems. It is developed by IHE Europe with the support of several other IHE countries (USA, Japan, Korea, Australia). The development of the Gazelle Test Bed is the second generation of Test Management tooling that IHE developed. Please find more information on Gazelle Test Bed here.


TestBATN is a Conformance and Interoperability Test Framework for Interoperability Standards.
TestBATN, is used as a base framework, and several test suites have developed for several standards and specifications. These testing facilities have been provided to vendors, SDOs, and public bodies in a software-as-a-service manner over the TestBATN framework;

Interoperable test bed (ITB)

Currently different communities and test bed providers are experimenting with the GITB open source test bed.
First experiences are reported by ISA. They provide a test bed for interoperability testing against reference implementations of cross-border services.

For more information see of Action 4.2.6, of ISA program.


Validex is the premier solution for validating business documents quickly and easily. It supports a number of different electronic document specifications (see the full list at soon.
Validation results with a free version of Validex are based on technical artifacts provided by the issuing bodies of the relevant specifications