GITB has already been applied in different Use Cases

The GITB Architecture and Framework are generic and can be applied to any specific eBusiness domains. In order to capture real-world eBusiness testing requirements and to develop and validate the GITB approach, GITB collaborates with test bed developpers and test bed users in Public Procurement, Healthcare, and Automotive.

Sharing a set of test artifacts among project of the same domain will speed up the testing of artefacts as well as the underlying transport mechanism. Projects will only need to test the parts specific to their goals. Systems Under Test (SUT), that have already been tested in one project, know that the underlying transport mechanism is compliant and can focus on the project`s specifics. Benefits are:
• Reuse of test artefacts and test tools
• Harmonization of the infrastructures (avoiding project specific implementations)
• Reduce the cost of test design and testing