Sharing Lab reports based on CDA®

Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®) using GITB

This test case focuses on testing the conformance of IHE XD-LAB CDA® Lab reports. IHE XD-LAB Documents are usually designed as Russian dolls. Looking at the specifications of the “Lab Report” document as specified by various organizations in Europe and elsewhere shows that all of them are referring the same underlying specifications. The purpose of this use case is to optimize testing and test tools development by using the “Russian Doll”

architecture of the CDA® documents.

The use case here is designed for the specific Laboratory Report document, but it could also be applied to other type of documents.

The challenge is to reuse test artifacts for the conformance checking of CDA® document in various national/regional project that use common references.

Actors and Integrations

Content Creator: The issuer of the CDA® Laboratory Report Document

Content Consumer: the consumer of the CDA® Laboratory Report Document. The consumer shall be able to read the document and “digest its content”.

Testing Scenarios

The testing is focused on the conformance of the exchanged laboratory report documents. The criteria for success:
1. Document is a well-formed XML document

2. Document is valid according the CDA® schema (might be extended by the regional specifications)
3. Document meets the requirements specified in the specs (syntax and semantic)