Sharing medical documents based on IHE XDS.b

IHE - Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS)

Projects worldwide are specifying and deploying medical documents, using an infrastructure based on the IHE XDS.b suite of profiles, that allows the sharing of this documents. In this use case we are proposing to share the tests artefacts that are common for all these projects: The XDS.b part of the exchange.

The business process that needs to be tested is described in the IHE Technical Frameworks of the IT-Infrastructure domain and available on the IHE web site.

For detailed information download our Healthcare-InfoPackage

Actors and Interactions

The Document Source Actor is the producer and publisher of documents. It is responsible for sending documents to a Document Repository Actor. It also supplies metadata to the Document Repository Actor for subsequent registration of the documents with the Document Registry Actor.

The Document Repository is responsible for both the persistent storage of these documents as well as for their registration with the appropriate Document Registry. It assigns a unique ID to documents for subsequent retrieval by a Document Consumer.

The Document Registry Actor maintains metadata about each registered document in a document entry. This includes a link to the Document in the Repository where it is stored. The Document Registry responds to queries from Document Consumer actors about documents meeting specific criteria. It also enforces some healthcare specific technical policies at the time of document registration.

The Document Consumer Actor queries a Document Registry Actor for documents meeting certain criteria, and retrieves selected documents from one or more Document Repository actors

Business Process