e-Tendering with e-SENS

e-SENS using GITB

This test scenario implements a conformance test for the document exchange defined in the e-SENS D5.1 Information Requirements for eTendering following the Profile 46 established in CEN BII.
The scope of the test is limited to the subscription request and response messages. There are no bindings of these two information requirement models to existing international standard XML

languages such as UBL or UN/CEFACT, and this is why CEN BII does not provide any binding for these transactions. The e-SENS project team, though, has been working jointly with the XVergabe initiative from Germany, and as they have a syntax that can support these two information requirement models, the syntax-binding process will be made in e-SENS to this syntax.

Actors and Interactions

List the parties/actors that takes some role in this business process.

Customer: The customer is the legal person or organization who is in demand of a product or service. Examples of customer roles: buyer, consignee, debtor and contracting authority.
Supplier: The supplier is the legal person or organization that provides a product or service. Examples of supplier roles: seller, consignor, creditor, and economic operator.
These actors play the following roles in this business process:

Contracting authority (CA): ‘Contracting authorities’ means the state, regional or local authorities, bodies governed by public law, associations formed by one or several of such authorities or one or more such bodies governed by public law.
Economic operator (EO): The terms ‘contractor’, ‘supplier’ and ‘service provider’ mean any natural or legal person or public entity or group of such persons and/or bodies which offers on the market, respectively, the execution of works and/or a work, products or services. The term ‘economic operator’ shall cover equally the concepts of contractor, supplier and service provider.

Business Process

The business process is described in the e-SENS work package D5.1 deliverable and in the CEN BII3 Profile 46. The objective of the pilot is to demonstrate how an economic operator can subscribe interest to a tender published by a contracting authority in a foreign country. The business process has the following steps:

1. CA sends a notice to the Publisher
2. Publisher receives the notice and sends an acknowledgement back to the CA

3. EO starts a search in the Publisher’s site
4. Publisher finds notices meeting EO’s criteria and sends the results back to the EO
5. EO expresses his interest to one procurement submitting a subscription request to the CA
6. CA receives the subscription request to the procurement by the EO
7. CA subscribes the interested EO and sends him a subscription response as an acknowledgement
8. EO receives the subscription response