Seminar International standardization in the reliability technology and cost area

NEN and Shell organised the seminar entitled “Achieving sustainable business performance by qualified implementation and use of oil and gas standards” at the NEN offices in Delft on Wednesday 29 March 2017. This seminar offered a unique opportunity for the European petroleum industry and others to learn how existing and new multi-disciplinary international ISO standards are enablers for cost-efficiency, risk reduction, and minimizing carbon footprint.

The working group, ISO/TC 67/WG 4 "Reliability engineering and technology", which is responsible for reliability and cost related ISO standards in the petroleum, petrochemical, and natural gas industries, informed the participants about latest status and their applications. Specific focus was given to the newly updated standards ISO 14224 Reliability and maintenance data and ISO 19008 Standard cost coding system.

The seminar was of interest for various stakeholders in Europe and international petroleum industry: oil & gas companies, engineering companies, contractors, manufacturers, safety and reliability consultancies, certification bodies, safety authorities and R&D. The seminar did also represent a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing between oil and gas and other industries.

Presentations can be downloaded from this webpage.

Session 1 Management and the standardization approach
Session leader: Dr. Ian Stanley - Shell, Seminar Chairman
1-1 Updated and latest news from international standardization
Runar Østebø, Statoil, Advisor and ISO/TC 67/WG 4 Convenor
1-2 ISO 14224 - Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance for equipment: Learning from failures
Dr Jon T. Selvik, IRIS, Sr. Research Scientist and ISO 14224 technical editor
1-3 ISO/TC 67 – International standardization for materials, equipment and offshore structures for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries
Dr Jeannette Hofman-Züter, NEN, Manager Energy and ISO/TC 67 Secretary
Session 2 Industry application of ISO standards for business value creation
Session leader: Guilherme Naegeli, Petrobras, ISO/TC 67/WG 4 member
2-1 Offshore & onshore reliability data (OREDA) collection – Snapshots from an OREDA JIP member
Nicolas Clavé, Total, Specialist in Reliability & Production availability
2-2 Application of ISO standards in the generation of value through a production assurance and reliability management digital tool based on ISO standards
Odd Are Svensen, ExproSoft AS, CEO
2-3 Reliability based design for pipelines – Canadian Standard Association approach, industry response and comparison with ISO 16708
Francisco Alhanati, C-FER Technologies, Managing Director
2-4 Tracking of downhole ESP reliability – Status of industry adoption of ISO 14224 terminology and concepts
Francisco Alhanati, C-FER Technologies, Managing Director
2-5 How to use ISO 14224 to achieve quality data when dealing with human factors in socio-technical and industrial systems
Dr Jon T. Selvik, IRIS, Sr. Research Scientist an ISO 14224 technical editor, and Dr Linda J. Bellamy, White Queen BV, Director
Session 3 The importance of safety and cost
Session leader: Dr. Ian Stanley - Shell, Seminar Chairman
3-1 ISO/TR 12489 – Reliability modelling and calculation of safety systems: Business application by Total
Nicolas Clavé, Total, Specialist in Reliability & Production availability
3-2 ISO 19008 – Application and use of the standard cost coding system within cost estimating, experience data, benchmarking and analysis
Olav T.M. Theodorsen, Statoil, Advisor Cost Estimation

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