Invitation ISO/PC 308 'Chain of Custody' 9-10 March 2017


Venue for the ISO/PC 308 meeting is at the headquarter of Ahold Delhaize in Zaandam, near Amsterdam.


The address is: Provincialeweg 11, 1506 MA Zaandam.

Visitors can park their car in the Q-park parking garage 'Hermitage' (address: Hermitage 144, Zaandam). You have to pay for it yoursellf. This parking garage is located opposite of the head quarters, on approximately 5 minutes walking distance. The fastest way to walk to the office is to walk out where you drive in (not the official way to walk but the shortest/fastest).

The office can also be reached by train very easily (see public transport). It is located on a 5 min walk from train station Zaandam (a 17 minute direct ride from airport Amsterdam Schiphol).

On this map you will see the office (Ahold Delhaize) and Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam (hotel) and Best Western Zaan Inn (hotel).

Meeting week general

The meeting is scheduled on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th March 2017 (8.30 am and 5.30 pm).

Delegates dinner at Thursday 9 march

On Thursday, March 9th there's a delegates dinner at 7pm at restaurant Wonders. It's about 800 meter (10 minutes walk) from Ahold Delhaize. Or you can take a taxi (see taxi information).
Please register for the dinner so we know how many guests we can expect.

Pease note that the dinner is at your own expense.

Selected hotels

We made a selection of hotels in the surroundings of the meeting venue Ahold Delhaize in various luxury and price ranges and negotiated special rates for delegates to this meeting.

* Hotel Inntel Zaandam Inntelhotels Amsterdamzaandam
* Best Western Zaan Inn Hotel Zaaninn
* Maybe you prefer a hotel in Amsterdam (that's also possible considering the short distance to Amsterdam)

Hotel room reservations are to be made on an individual basis at the hotel of your own choice.

Reservations and payment should be made directly to the hotel of your choice.
Please note that any cancellations or changes made to reservations will need to be made directly with the hotel, and NEN nor any other sponsor or organizer accepts liability for reservations or cancellations. Any questions regarding your hotel reservation should be directed to the hotel.


Delegates from outside the "Schengen area of Europe" are advised to check with their local travel agency about regulations regarding passports, visas and vaccinations and, particularly, about the time required for obtaining a visa if necessary.
Information can be obtained from the nearest Netherlands embassy, consulate or diplomatic mission. More information:

NEN invitation letter for VISA

Please indicate upon your registration that you need an official invitation letter to this meeting.
Complete and return the VISA detail form by e-mail to provide the necessary details to prepare your invitation letter in time.
Download the "VISA detail form"


Wifi code
Our wifi information:
password: Welcome2AD

Practical information
- Smoking is only allowed outside the Ahold Delhaize office at 2 locations (at the parking lot below our office), not in front of the office.
- We have a self-scan / help yourself 'Albert Heijn to go' (small supermarket) at the main entrance. Cash payment is not possible (credit card: I do not know if payment with credit card is possible).
- Visitors are not allowed to walk on their own through our building and should be guided by an Ahold Delhaize employee (officially).
- Toilets are located near the conference room.

The weather situation in March is usually stable (sunny with occasional showers). Average daily temperature is between 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Currency: euro (€)
Exchange at any bank (opening hours o9:00 h – 17:00 h), and in most of the larger hotels. Bank notes are issued in the following denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50 euro (100, 200, and 500 euro are usually not accepted).
Coins in use: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 cents, and 1 & 2 euro.

Electricity supply
In the Netherlands the standard voltage is 230 V. The standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets that are used are of type C / F. Below you find pictures of these power sockets and corresponding plugs.


Online registration closes on Tuesday 28 February.

Upon registration participants will receive a badge including their name and country. Participants are requested to wear this badge during the meeting and social events. The badge/keycard allows you to walk through the building (the 'gates' will only open with a key card).

Registration desk
Our NEN registration desk is open one hour before the meetings start for picking up badges.

Relevant websites:

Plan your journey by public transport in the Netherlands: link
Please choose Schiphol Airport to Zaandam Station it is approximately 17 minutes by train)

When travelling by public transport in the Netherlands, you can use the so-called OV-chip card. This is a kind of credit card used to pay for bus, tram, train and metro. You can buy it at stations, kiosks and many supermarkets. Since there is no separate card for tourists, it is best to use an ‘anonymous’ OV-chip card. It is also still possible to travel with a train ticket. If you would like to buy a ticket at one of the NS-ticket machines, the payment methods are cash [only coins], PIN [only certain European debit cards] and sometimes a credit card [only MasterCard & VISA]


Taxi Electric:
Phone: +31(88)1004401 or
Through a portal you can book taxis in advance and manage it yourself:
Taxi Electric.
Agreed rate (to Schiphol airport) excluding VAT 55€

Holland Business travel:
Phone: +31(20)3371448 or
Rate (to Schiphol airport) excluding VAT 70€

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