Let's get things done!

Jelte Dijkstra

Let's get things done! That is the slogan of Jelte Dijkstra, an international standardization veteran who is now running for membership of the Technical Management Board of ISO. It perfectly characterizes Jelte, his vision and his ambition for ISO: to be the preferred platform for all stakeholders in all sectors. So vote for NEN, vote for Jelte in 2020 and let's get things done!

Jelte is a standardization veteran with more than 25 years of experience with almost every conceivable aspect of standardization, but he is certainly still ‘open minded and open for change’! Jelte is a strategic thinker, but it is his pragmatic attitude and communicative skills in particular that make him an excellent candidate for the ISO Technical Management Board.

Jelte’s actions have always been driven by societal impact of standards rather than their technical content. He is inspired by the challenges and opportunities that ISO faces in a world that is changing rapidly and drastically.

My vision

The development of solutions and propositions to increase ISO’s added value for its members as well as the outside world requires effective collaborative partnership between ISO CS, the ISO members and expert contributors. As a true member of the international ISO community, I am fully committed to contribute to shaping the ISO system into the preferred platform for all stakeholders in all sectors. My focus is on:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Innovation

Central themes


ISO Standards are built upon trust. Trust is gained by involvement. Effective stakeholder engagement mechanisms are key to the success of ISO Standards. Securing a level playing field for all stakeholder types and sizes has always been a personal driver for me throughout my career in standardization. Through my recent involvement in setting up NEN Sensor, a platform for user engagement in all of NEN’s activities, I am sure I can make a valuable contribution to making ISO even more inclusive.


The opportunities of tomorrow ask for Standards today. For ISO Standards to be effective, their ‘time-to-market’ is critical. But speed is not the only factor. Building consensus cannot be hurried. Technical correctness is so obvious it is not even questioned anymore. Much can be gained through effective project management, more agile administrative procedures and the use of IT tools. I will contribute years of experience ‘on the factory floor’ to our joint effort to make the development of ISO Standards more efficient.


The world is digitalizing at an unprecedented pace. This puts new demands on the ways in which we develop and publish ISO Standards. After the printed books and the PDF our ISO Standards will appear in entirely new formats. The ISO Standard of the future may be dynamic, interactive, machine-readable, adapted to its specific purpose. Also, the Internet and ICT in general provide us with new ways of collaborating in standards development. ISO has already set up fascinating experiments with virtual meetings (of virtual committees). Bringing extensive experience and a keen interest in ICT I would be thrilled to help TMB shape the ISO Standard of the future.