About MicroVal

MicroVal is a European certification organisation for the validation and approval of alternative methods for the microbiological analysis of food and beverages. MicroVal validates and certifies alternative methods in order to show that such proprietary methods perform equally well as traditional, internationally standardised methods. MicroVal certification of alternative methods will ensure their acceptance by governmental inspection laboratories and laboratories in the food trade, throughout Europe, thus facilitating commerce within the European Union.



There exists a market for the certification of alternative methods, however this is currently closely tied to certification at a national level. MicroVal aims to create a system of validation and certification for alternative methods that will allow a manufacturer of such methods to submit their product for a single certification that is recognized and valid throughout the Common Market, including the new member states that are confused by the different national-level certifications. Establishing mutual recognition agreements with AOAC and NordVal will further increase the value of the MV certification.

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MicroVal secretariat
PO Box 5059
2600GB Delft
The Netherlands

(015) 2 690 351