The MicroVal project was started with the aim of setting up a European validation procedure and of creating such conditions that the results of the procedure would be accepted as far as possible by all interested parties in Europe. Standardisation and certification play important roles in this respect.

When MicroVal first started, it was as a dual Dutch-French collaboration initiated by the Dutch Unilever Research Laboratory. In its final stages the project consisted of 21 full partners from the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

The result of the MicroVal project was a validation system for microbiological test kits within the food and drink industry. Additionally, the system was created in such a way that its procedures would be applicable in other areas, for future use.

The project developed the MicroVal Rules and Certification Scheme describing the methodology and the organisation to be used for the European certification of alternative microbiological methods for the food and drink industry by an independent organisation.

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