The MicroVal Organisation

MicroVal Certification Organisation is a balanced representation and consists of a group of independent MicroVal Certification Bodies (MCBs), with a common MicroVal General Committee (MGC), a common Secretariat and a European network of sub-contractors: laboratories, reviewers and auditors.

MicroVal Certification Bodies

A MicroVal Certification Body (MCB) is responsible for handling the applications and evaluating the reports of the expert laboratories and the auditors. MCBs must comply with the requirements in EN 45011(2) and shall be accredited. The current MicroVal Certification Body is Lloyds Register QA.

MicroVal General Committee (MGC)

MCBs are headed by the impartial MGC that has a European composition and consists of public authorities, manufacturers, users and MicroVal third parties, as well as a secretariat for which the Netherlands Standardisation Institute (NEN) is responsible.

European network

Amongst others, this European network consists of

  • Independent expert laboratories. The manufacturer (or the MCB) pre-selects these from the database of laboratories established by the MGC
  • Collaborative laboratories are selected by the expert laboratories and participate in the inter-laboratory study.
  • Laboratory and method reviewers and the technical reviewers, who are impartial people, qualified in accordance with specific procedures.

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