Validated methods can be found by clicking the Test kit names in the following table.

Micro-organism Reference method Test kit name
Bacillus cereus ISO 7932:2004 Compact Dry XBC
ISO 7932 TEMPO® Bacillus cereus
Campylobacter ISO/TS 10272-2 CampyFood ID Agar
BrillianceTM CampyCount Agar
Coliforms ISO 4832 Compact Dry CF
Compact Dry EC
E.coli ISO 16649-2 Compact Dry EC
TBX agar pour plate method
E. coli 0157:H7 ISO 16654 Assurance GDS® E.coli 0157:H7 Tq
Enterobacteriaceae ISO 21528-1, ISO 21528-2 Compact Dry ETB
Enterobacteriaceae + E. Sakazakii (Cronobacter spp) ISO 21528-1, ISO/TS 22964 Foodproof Enterobacteriaceae + E. Sakazakii Detection Kit
ISO 6579 Foodproof Enterobacteriaceae plus E. sakazakii combined with Foodproof Salmonella detection kit
Listeria monocytogenes ISO 11290-2:1998,
ISO 11290-2:1998/A1:2004
ChromID Lmono Agar
Assurance GDS® Listeria monocytogenes Tq
Listeria spp ISO 11290-1/A1 Assurance GDS® Listeria spp. Tq
Salmonella ISO 6579 Salmonella Detection Kit
ISO 6579 GDS Salmonella Tq detection kit
Nestec Laboratory Instruction
RIDASCREEN® Salmonella
ISO 6579, ISO 6579/A1 (2007) foodproof ® Salmonella spp method, manual protocol
ISO 6579 foodproof ® Salmonella spp method, automated protocol
SureFood PATHOGEN Salmonella PLUS
Somatic cell count ISO 1336-1:2008 Part 1 FossomaticTM FC
Staphylococcus ISO 6888-1 Brilliance Staph 24 chromogenic medium
Total Viable Count ISO 4833-1 Compact Dry TC
Simplate Total Plate Count Cl
ISO 4833-1, ISO 4833-2 BactoCount IBC and IBCm
ISO 4833-1, ISO 4833-2 BactoScan FC and FC+TM
Yeast and Mold ISO 21527-1 Simplate Yeast & Mold Color Indicator
Compact Dry YM

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