The independent expert laboratory must comply with the requirements of EN/ISO 17025 and it must be accredited. It is preselected by the manufacturer (or the MCB) from the database of laboratories established by the MGC. Collaborative laboratories are selected by the expert laboratories and they participate in the interlaboratory study. Collaborative laboratories must comply with EN/ISO 17025 but do not need to be accredited.

The independent expert laboratory is in charge of the co-ordination and the supervision of the two phases of the validation procedure:

  • A method comparison study of the alternative method against the reference method
  • An interlaboratory study of both methods.

Expert laboratories

The MicroVal expert laboratories all comply with the requirements of EN/ISO 17025 and are accredited. The expert laboratory is pre-selected by the manufacturer or the MCB from the database of laboratories to be established by the MGC. The qualification "expert laboratory" is only valid for the MicroVal certification of the alternative method it was selected for.

MicroVal Expert Laboratories are enlisted

Collaborative laboratories

The expert laboratories select the collaborative laboratories. There is no limit to the number of collaborating laboratories; however, a minimum of eight from three different countries is required for the study to be valid. The expert laboratory will report to the Technical Committee of the MCB, which will propose a certification proposal to the MCB. The final decision is taken by the MCB. The secretariat of the MGC is informed of this decision. MicroVal complies with the EN-ISO 16140 validation procedure.

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