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   Publication Series on Hazardous Substances

    NEN supervises the development of standards. This demands
    specific knowledge, such as being able to supervise processes that
    will ensure that all the stakeholders reach agreement. Other parties
    also make use of that expertise; for example, NEN has been holding
    the secretariat of the Publication Series on Hazardous Substances
    for the Dutch Central Government since 2008. New or renewed
    publications on natural gas delivery installations for motor vehicles
    (PGS 25), and cooling systems and heat pumps (PGS 13) were
    published in 2009. Government industry collaborate in the compilation
    of the series; which helps to render the publications suitable for     practical application and also stimulates timely updating.
    The Publication series thereby continues to reflect the latest
    state of affairs in engineering, as a result of which the users and
    permit issuers are able to effectively anticipate new developments.

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The principal benefits of NEN Connect

  • Certainty
    • You always have up-to-date standards and outlines of standards available.
  • Convenience
    • Accessible anywhere; easy to use and manage; automatic updates or notification of changes; can be used by several colleagues; one invoice a year.
  • Continuity
    • Withdrawn versions of standards remain available; you can add other standards whenever you need them
  • Control
    • You always know exactly which standards are available; no double purchases; administrators’ and users’ roles; option for adding notes.
  • Flexibility
    • View standards as a PDF on your laptop, tablet, etc.; printing is easy; expanding your subscription is simple.

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