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Freely available in NEN Connect

Selection of NEN-standards

      a number of NEN-standards is freely available through
      NEN Connect. As a result, these standards can be consulted       online in HTML format.
      « List of freely available NEN-standards

      These NEN-standards are made freely available by a few Dutch
      ministries. Additional information

      « Read more about all freely available documents in NEN Connect

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Various options in NEN Connect

Maatwerk Standaard Attendering Gratis account
Assortment* Core Core Core Core
• Search and view bibliographic information
  for all the standards in the core assortment
  √   √   √   √
• View the standards in your collection in PDF   √   √
• Acces to freely available documents   √   √   √   √
• Compile your own collection   √   √
• Add standards to your own collection   √   √
• Exchange 10% of your collection   √   √
• Notification of changes to standards in your collection   √   √   √
• Consult withdrawn standards   √   √   √
• Add notes to standards   √   √   √
• Reports on use of collection   √   √
• Manage, find and view your own company documents   Optioneel   Optional   Optional
• Compare versions of standards (redline module)
     (under construction)
  Optioneel   Optional
• Subscription period   3 years   3 years   3 years   0 year

*In addition to the core assortment you can also access the plus assortment.
The plus assortiment is a selection of standards (sector-specific) published by other standardization institutes. Read more

        Download leaflet (PDF - 1.948 Kb)

The principal benefits of NEN Connect

  • Certainty
    • You always have up-to-date standards and outlines of standards available.
  • Convenience
    • Accessible anywhere; easy to use and manage; automatic updates or notification of changes; can be used by several colleagues; one invoice a year.
  • Continuity
    • Withdrawn versions of standards remain available; you can add other standards whenever you need them
  • Control
    • You always know exactly which standards are available; no double purchases; administrators’ and users’ roles; option for adding notes.
  • Flexibility
    • View standards as a PDF on your laptop, tablet, etc.; printing is easy; expanding your subscription is simple.

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