NEN Connect

     NEN Connect is the ultimate online solution for your standards management

          Neatly organised

          Worldwide available


Benefits online collection:

Keeping standards up-to-date is always an issue. NEN Connect ensures that you stay up-to-date at all times. NEN manages all updates for you, and you will be alerted immediately if any standard has changed. Although naturally, you’ll still be able to view expired or historical standards, you will no longer use obsolete standards inadvertently.

It’s always tricky to implement a new system. Therefore, we have kept NEN Connect as simple as possible. It’s web based, so you don’t need to install anything. And If you select IP recognition, you won’t even have to log in! You’ll be able to access your standards at any time. Searching becomes finding! It is really, truly simple.

     Sometimes you require a specific standard simply to be able to
     do your job. That means you need it NOW, and not next week.
     NEN Connect allows you to add standards directly to your
     collections. You can submit a request to the administrator with
     just one click, and then you can continue. Even if weekend      shifts and night shifts are involved.
     And onsite too: NEN Connect also works on a tablet!

NEN Connect offers worldwide availability of standards.That is very important to us.

Edith Cremers standards administrator for DEKRA and KEMA

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You want to spend less time on managing standards - without leaving the monitoring to a third party. NEN Connect allows all your users to consult standards, but only the administrator decides whether to add new standards. This allows you to keep an overview of your collections, and everyone uses the same actual standards. The NEN Connect reporting tool also ensures that the administrator knows exactly how the collections of standards are being used.

Customers tell me all the time that managing their standards is very time-consuming. NEN Connect simplifies the work process, saving you both time and money. You receive one annual invoice, where you pay a fixed fee. No more unpleasant surprises. In short, NEN Connect does the job for you, so you can focus on what you do best.


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