NEN Connect

      You have a customised-, a standard- or a notification collection
      than you can choose to also manage your
      company documents with NEN Connect.

      If you have a customised collection on the core assortiment
      or a standard collection, you can choose to also use our
      NEN Connect redline module (under construction).

      The total solution for using and managing your standards

Company documents:
a single system for all your documents

     Organizations often have dozens, hundreds or sometimes
     even thousands of company documents, such as process
     descriptions and work protocols. These documents are
     regularly amended or supplemented.

     NEN Connect enables you to manage your company documents.
     You can then be sure that you and your colleagues always have
     access to these documents.You can also establish a link
     to the available bibliographic information.
     Your company documents will be included in your searches.

Redline module:
compare two versions of a standard quickly and easily (under construction)

     A key wish expressed by users of standards is to be able
     to quickly and easily see where changes have occurred to
     a previous version of a standard. NEN Connect can now
     offer you this facility.

     The new redline module lets you see immediately
     where changes have been made to a standard.
     The number of standards in redline is still limited, but is
     being continuously extended.

     View the demonstration video(YouTube)

     See which standards are as redline version available (124 Kb, pdf).