NEN Connect

      There are various standard collections especially for particular
      sectors, such as an electrical engineering package or a fire
      safety package. This means there is no need to compile your
      own collection: NEN has done this for you.

     You cannot add any standards to a standard collection.
     The standards in the standard collection can be viewed in PDF and
     you will be notified of any changes in the collection.

     Fixed collection on the basis of sectors/areas.

NEN Connect standard collection

     Assortment Core
     • Search and view bibliographic information for all
       the standards in the core assortment
     • View the standards in your collection in PDF   √
     • Compile your own collection
     • Add standards to your own collection
     • Exchange 10% of your collection
     • Notification of changes to standards in your collection   √
     • Consult withdrawn standards   √
     • Add notes to standards   √
     • Reports on use of collection   √
     • Manage, find and view your own company
     • Compare versions of standards (redline module)
       (under construction)
     • Subscription period   3 years

Choose your standard collection

     More than 50 fixed collections in 14 sectors/areas (only in Dutch)


The benefits of a standard collection

  • Certainty
    • You always have up-to-date standards and outlines of standards available
  • Convenience
    • Accessible anywhere; easy to use and manage; automatic updates or notification of changes; can be used by several colleagues; one invoice a year.