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Wondering what you can do with NEN Connect? Or do you have a specific user demand? This NEN Connect knowledge center can help you to maximize the use of your NEN Connect account

In the video below we show you the five reasons to choose NEN Connect; the total solution for using and managing your standards.

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On the basis of the different NEN Connect
subscriptions, we will help you on your way!

  • Customised : compile your personal customized collection
  • Standard: fixed collection on the basis of sectors/areas
  • Notification: up-to-date on the status of your collection of standards
  • Company documents: a single system for all your documents
  • Redline module: compare two versions of a standard quickly and easily

Roles and rights in NEN Connect

NEN Connect has several types of users, with different access rights. Within your organisation, there are one or more company administrators and company users.
Also NEN Connect has users with a free account and limited access rights

What role do you have in NEN Connect, you can see
NEN Connect under your account name at the top.
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  • The total solution for using and managing your standards

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