Consult reports of NEN Connect

     As company administrator you can see the use of NEN Connect in NEN Connect.      This way you can create the optimal collection in NEN Connect.

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You can view how NEN Connect is being used in your organisation via My company - Reports.


A report can be consulted by clicking on a specific report.

Detail reports

If there is a lot of data, it might take a while before the report is loaded.

Report settings

You can change the reporting period by entering the dates required in the Start date and End date fields using a year-month-day format, such as 2016-05-28. If you then click View report, a new report will be created.

Use the blue arrows to view the next page in the report.

You can search for words or numbers in the report with the search field.

You can download the report as a PDF, Excel or Word file with the export button.

A column can be sorted by clicking on an arrow in the column.

Types of reports

You can choose the following reports:
Downloads per document: This report shows how often standards have been opened in    your organisation in PDF or HTML. An X next to a licence indicates that the standard is    included in the number of standards in your licence.
Overview of user downloads: This report shows the number of downloads, in PDF, for    each user in your organisation. An X next to a licence indicates that the standard is included    in the number of standards in your licence.
Overview of requests: This report contains information about requests for standards    within your organisation.
Overview of logins: This report contains information about the number of logins for each    user in your organisation.

Subscribe for reports

You can choose to receive reports weekly, monthly or quarterly in your inbox. You simply click Subscribe at the bottom of a subscription.

Reports according to Project COUNTER

Project COUNTER is a standard for online usage reports. Upon request, you can download COUNTER reports. For more on this, please contact NEN.

project counter

If you click on the Start Date and End Date fields, a calendar appears which you can use to specify the desired start and end date of a report.


You can then download the report as an XML or TSV file.

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