Freely available documents

    Some documents are freely-accessible HTML for everyone in NEN Connect

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Documents that are freely available in NEN Connect

The following documents can be viewed entirely (in HTML or pdf):

• A selection of NEN-standards
• A selection of European guidelines
• Publication series on Hazardous Substances (PGS)

Identifying documents that are freely available

In HTML, meaning that these documents can be consulted, online, on web pages.

Freely-accessed standards in HTML are identified by this icon . Would you like to be kept informed of changes to a freely-accessed standard via email notification? Then you have to add it to your custom collection. You can also download the relevant standard as a PDF file. In this case, the standard counts towards the balance of the number of downloads covered by your licence.

The freely-accessed standards are mostly in HTML with some exceptions. European Guidelines and Publication Series on Dangerous Substances (PGS) are freely-accessible in PDF, which can be identified by the icon. To review these, you do not need to add them to a collection.

Search in freely available documents

The selection freely made available NEN standards falls under freely-accessible standards in NEN Connect.

A selection of European Guidelines and Publication Series on Dangerous Substances (PGS) falls under freely available in other in NEN Connect.

You can search freely available standards by selecting Freely available standards in the search filter. You can also filter other freely available other.

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