You add your users and they have acces automatically

The text below is a suggestion you can use to inform your colleagues and the company about the use of NEN Connect. You can adjust the text as you see fit.

Subject line for e-mails or header
Always access to the latest standards of [Fill in company name] in NEN Connect.

Body text:
Dear colleagues,

[Fill in your company name] has a company account to NEN Connect, an online platform from NEN to use and manage standards. With this everyone in our organization can always access the latest standards with their personal email address and password.

In order to make use of NEN Connnect you will receive an e-mail from "" to complete your registration.

Upon completing the registration you will have access to NEN Connect and the latest standards, 24/7 in any location with internet access. For our company it has been arranged that you will immediately receive access to the standards in our collections. You can find these on the tab called “Collections”.

Your personal account gives you several benefits such as: personal favorites, mark standards that should not be removed and set search filter settings. In addition specific users can be assigned the role of Expert who can create and manage subcollections. For instance for special projects. More information about the use of NEN Connect can be found in the NEN Connect knowledge center:

Within your company this is the point of contact for NEN Connect:
[Fill in contact details]

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