Handle requests for standards

     If your organisation has a custom collection, users in your organisation can      request the company administrator for access to standards.

To company administrator role

Standard request by user

Users can click Request standard on the page with details of a standard which is not yet in the company collection.

Request standard
request screen

Users are then taken to a window where they enter their email and name (this is already entered for users who log in with their email), and the reason they want access to the standard.

As a company administrator, you can insert additional text on this window; for example, that users must specify a project or cost centre number next to the reason for the request. See Setting up additional text request.

After clicking send, a user will receive a confirmation email. As company administrator, you receive an email about the request, and can also view the request on the homepage and Requests tab in NEN Connect.

View requests

Pending standards requests

On the Requests page, you can view pending requests and accept or decline them.

Pending requests

Accepting standard request

If you approve the request, you can specify the collection to which you want to add the standard.

accept request

The applicant will receive an email about the accepted norm. If the request is accepted, all users covered by the relevant licence will have immediate access to the standard. If the standard is requested by multiple company users, then all users who have requested the standard over the previous 12 months receive an email informing them that the standard has been added.

Declining standard request

If you decline a request, you can give a reason. This reason is also displayed on the site. Other users can see the reason, but not the name of the applicant.

decline request

To company administrator role

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