Inserting remarks in standards

     As company administrator, you can insert remarks/notes in standards, which can      be read by company users. Users themselves cannot add, edit or delete remarks.

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Insert remark

To insert a remark go to the page containing information about a standard, and then click the Remarks tab. Click Add note.

add remarks

You can format the text with basic features (bold, italic, underline, bulleted and numbered lists), and add links.

make remarks

The remarks are stored on the Remarks tab.
The figure behind Remarks indicates how many remarks have been inserted. Remarks can be edited or deleted here.

stored remarks

Search for remarks

In the search results, the icon shows that a comment about a standard has been inserted.

remark search result

You can refine your search to documents with remarks: to do this, select With remarks on the left side of the screen under Other.

Filter remarks

Read more about Searching.

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