Manage collections

     As company administrator you can easily manage your collections.

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To collection

You can manage custom collections under My company - Collections or directly via Collections in the main menu. Read more about Types of collections. Click on a collection to manage the collection.

Company collections

Add standards to collection

You can search standards to add to your collection via Documents or the search function in the main menu.

Make sure your collections are not selected so that you can search the complete range. Click the basket icon to add any standards that you want to add to your selection list.

Add selection

The top bar shows any standards added to the selection list.

Standard added
selection list

When you open the selection list, you can add all the standards at once to a collection by clicking Add standards to collection.

You can also remove items from the list by clicking Remove complete list.

Then select the collection to which you want to add the standards. It is immediately shown how much space you have in each collection.

choose collection

All documents of the standards, such as additions and new versions, are also added to your collection.

automatic collection

Remove standards from collection

You can delete documents via My company - collections or Collections in the main menu.

Click the trash can icon to remove a standard from your collection.

You can delete multiple documents at once by checking the selection boxes, then clicking at the bottom of the page.

Remove docs

This is only possible if 1 collection is selected.

Annually, you can change 10% of the standards in your collection. If you exceed 10%, you will receive a message. The overview on the page My company - licences shows how many standards you have already deleted, and how many you can still delete.

Overview licenses

Remove freely available standards from your custom collection

If there are any freely-accessible standards in your custom collection, you can remove them. This does not count towards your balance of 10% standards that you can delete in your collection every year.

Note: if you remove a standard from your custom collection , you can no longer consult the PDF version. In addition, you will no longer receive email alerts on changes in the standard.
You can find freely-accessible standards and other documents in your custom collection by deselecting the search filter for Freely-available standards and Freely-available other in the search results.

If you see the icon for Freely available in the search results, you know that this document is in your collection and freely-available.

Free available

To remove the document from your customised collection, click the trash can icon which appears when you hover over the standard with your cursor.

Move standards to another collection

You can move standards to another collection by adding the relevant standard to the desired collection, as described in Add standards to collection this places the standard in both collections.

If you want to remove the standard from the first collection, select only the collection from which you want to remove the standard in the search filter. Then search for the standard and click the trash can icon to delete the standard from this collection. The message states from which collection the standard will be removed.

delete standards

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