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    As company administrator of NEN Connect you can easily manage the users of     your company

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Under My company - Users, you can manage the NEN Connect users within your company.

Manage users

The overview of users show:

  • The status:
    • Registration requested.
      The user must complete the registration process to access NEN Connect
    • Registered.
      This user has access to NEN Connect
    • Blocked.
      The user is blocked and has no access to NEN Connect. You can unblock the account by deselecting Blocked by the user’s name.
    • Locked.
      The user has been locked out for a period of 30 minutes because the user tried to login 3 times with a wrong password. This user has no access to NEN Connect. By resetting the password, you can immediately allow the user to create a new password. See also Account locked
    • No active licence.
    • Password expired.
      Currently not used.
  • Username
  • The role
  • Which licences the user has access to

Modify details and settings of user

Users can be found by searching in the search box for all or part of a user’s name. Filter status allows you to filter on different statuses.

By clicking on a Specific user, you can modify details and settings of users.

Creating or deleting user

By clicking on a user, you can create or delete a user. Read more about the options under Registering new users by company administrator. You also have the option to delete users.

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