Manage website settings

    Under My company - Settings, you as company administrator can change a
    number of settings within NEN Connect, such as customising the logo and
    contact page for users

To company administrator role

Change your logo

uw logo

As company administrator, you can insert the logo of your organisation in the top bar. By default, Uw logo is displayed.

To change this, go to My Company - Settings and click Change logo.


You can then select a logo from your own computer or network, and click Open to upload it to NEN Connect.
Note: the logo must be a JPG or GIF file.


After the file has been uploaded, you will be shown a selection of the image. You can customise this selection by clicking on the selection with the cursor, holding down the left mouse button and moving the cursor. By clicking on the corners, you can drag the selection to zoom in or out.

When you are satisfied with the crop you have made, click Save. Your logo will immediately appear in the top bar. If you want to change the original file, click Cancel and Delete logo, after which you can upload a different logo.

Setting up a link to your company website

You can link your company logo to your organisation's website. To set up the link takes, go to My company - Settings.

Link to company website

Enter the website URL which you want to link to Website URL. Click Save at the bottom of the page to secure the URL. You can also use the ENTER key on your keyboard to save the URL. Anybody who now clicks on the logo will see a new tab open with the selected webpage.

Editing the user contact page

You as administrator see different contact pages than the users at your organisation.
You can see the contact details of NEN and the users see the following contact page:


As an administrator, you can define the text on the page yourself. To change the text, go to My Company - Settings and click on Dutch or English to set up the language contact page for users.

settings Contact

You can use formatting in the text, such as bold, italic, underline, bulleted lists and numbered lists. You can also insert links. To link an email address, use mailto: enter the email address in the Link URL field in the insert/edit link popup. Target and Title can be left blank.

Set contact

Setting up additional text request

As an administrator, you can add text which is shown to your users if they request a standard from you. They might have to enter a project number, for example.

Text request

To add the text, go to My Company - Settings and click on
or Dutch or English to set up the language contact page for users.

Setting up metadata fields for company documents

Customers with company documents collections can set metadata fields at the bottom of the My Company - Settings page.

Dcoument aanvraagtekst

To company administrator role

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