Registering users and administrators

     There are several ways to register NEN Connect company users:
     - General username / password for all users
     - The company administrator registers users
     - Users register themselves

To company administrator role

General username / password for all users

It is possible to use one username / password for all users in an organisation. In this case, users receive no emails from NEN Connect, for example when applying for a standard. If you choose this option, NEN sets the username. As company administrator, you need to set the password for this username. You will receive an email about this. As company administrator, you can change the password.

Registering new users by company administrator

If you want to add a new user, go to the page My company – Users and click Add user.

add users
add user details


  • Role: select User
  • Username: this must be an email with the domain name of your organisation
  • Name: name of the user
  • Telephone number: phone number of the user. This information is not mandatory
  • Country: country where the user is based. This data is of interest for users with a SAI licence
  • Blocked: if ‘Blocked’ is selected, the user cannot login
  • Send emails to company administrator: If this is selected, the user will not receive emails from NEN Connect, instead the emails are sent to the company administrator (for example, emails about requested standards or forgotten passwords)
  • Add license: select the user’s license. After clicking Save user, you can add more licences

After saving a user, the user receives an email to complete registration. If you have selected the option Send emails to company administrator you will receive this email yourself.

You can see the registration status on the user’s page, along with the date to complete the registration. If this date has expired, click Resend email to user to finalise registration, and the user will be given another month to finalise the registration.

 Edit user

Option for users to register themselves

Your company can also register your company users. To do this, it is necessary to set up the domain name or names of your organisation in the company settings. This is the part after the @ symbol in the email address. Based on their email addresses, your colleagues are recognised as employees of your organisation when they register. To set the domain name, please contact NEN.

There are 2 options:

  • Company-wide license: all employees within your organisation gain direct access to one or more licences. It is not required to request access. Contact NEN to determine if your company can use a company-wide licence.
  • Request for licenses: employees must submit a request to gain access to one or more licences. You will receive an email of each request. It only takes a few clicks to handle a request. When NEN has added the domain name, it is displayed on the page My company – General, below the header Allowed domains

general details

All NEN Connect users with this domain will receive an email about how they can sign up for the licences via their profile page.

Employees who do not have a NEN Connect account yet, can registrer via the homepage of NEN Connect.

Register NEN account

After entering their names and email addresses, your colleagues will receive an email about how to create a password and confirm registration.

If you have opted for a company-wide licence (option 1), your colleagues will now have access to the relevant licences in NEN Connect, including the freely-accessed standards and documents.

If you have opted for licences request (option 2), your colleagues will now have access to freely-accessed standards and documents in NEN Connect. The first time your colleagues log in to NEN Connect, they will be presented with an overview screen where they can request access to your company’s licences. (Some licences, such as the SAI Global licence, are not shown in the overview. The reason for this is that the data must be known by SAI Global as well).

Note: The licenses consisting of norms in the plus range, are not shown in the overview. For these licenses it holds that the data must be known by SAI Global (provider of the plus range).

Register for NEN

When users request access, they can add a reason.

overview licenses
request access



When your colleague sends a request, you receive an email. The homepage of NEN Connect also indicates that a request has been made.

On the Requests - Licence page, you can view the requests, and accept or decline them.


The applicant will receive an email about accepting or declining. In case of acceptance, the user has immediate access to the requested license.

decline request

Note: Users see the reason, but not the name of the requester

Additional settings company-wide licenses

If NEN has approved and set up company-wide access for your organisation, you can customise this yourself

Go to My Company - Licences. Click on the licence that you want to change.

License data
License detail company

If you deselect the Company-wide licence option and click Save, all future requests for access to the relevant licence will be forwarded to the company administrator. In this case, therefore, you will receive an email with a request, and can accept or decline the application.

You can hide licences from users by deselecting Show in licence selection. This will block them from applying for the licence.

However, they may request access to a standard, which is part of such a licence. In that case you will receive an email asking you to give the user access to the licence.

Administrator registration

As administrator, you can create additional administrators, or convert users to company administrators. Every organisation must have at least one administrator.

If there are multiple administrators, you can remove these as long as at least 1 administrator remains. In Delete your account, you can read more on removing users and administrators.

To company administrator role

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