You can search for documents from any page in NEN Connect. The search bar     appears when the search icon top right is clicked.

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Search bar

When you click the search icon at the top right, the search bar appears.

Zoekbalk uitklappen

By default, the system searches the standard number, title, summary, additional information and the full text of the standards.

Exact search

By clicking Exact search a search can be made on only the standard number, ICS code, standards committee or technical committee. If you hover on the ICS code, you can click to view an overview of all ICS codes and standards per code.

Overview ICS codes

Advanced search

The table below shows the various detailed search options, with example.

Searching Decription Example Search results
For more than one word It is possible to search for more than one word by entering all the words in the search field. The search results are standards in which all of the words appear. You can also use AND. oil gas oil AND gas All standards in which both the word ‘oil’ and the word ‘gas’ appear. Words such as ‘gasoil’ will not be found.
In a phrase It is possible to search for a phrase by placing it in double quotation marks. “oil and gas” All standards with the phrase ‘oil and gas’ appears.
For one of the keywords If you want a search result with any one of the words, use OR between the keywords. You can also use the symbol || instead of OR. oil OR gas oil || gas All standards in which either the word ‘oil’ and/or the word ‘gas’ appear.
Without a keyword If you want a result in which a particular word does not appear, use NOT. You can also use the symbol ! or + and –|| instead of NOT. oil NOT gas oil ! gas +oil –gas All standards containing the word 'oil' but not containing the word 'gas'.
Including a grouping in the search You can group words within your search by using (). (oil OR gas) AND pipe Standards with, for example, ‘oil’ and ‘pipe’ or ‘gas’ and ‘pipe’. Standards with, for example, ‘gasoil pipe’ or ‘gassed bitumen pipe’ will not be found.
With a wildcard You can use wildcards in your search query: ? for one single character and * for one or more characters. lin? lin* Standards with, for example, lint and line. Standards with, for example, lint, line, linoleum and linux.
Fuzzy The search engine can also give results with spelling variations (fuzzy search). To do this, insert the symbol ~ after a keyword. red~ Standards with, for example, ‘read’, ‘bed’ or ‘rod’ as well as ‘red’ itself.

Search results are sorted by relevance (best keyword match). With the sort by menu, you can also sort according to:
Document number: from lowest to highest. Letters are ignored.
Publication date: from most recent to least recent

Filter search results

Using the filters on the left side of the search results, you can refine your search according to:

Collections: Here you can specify the collections in which you want to search, or all documents in NEN Connect. By default, all collections are searched.
Type: Here you can indicate the type of document you want to search:
- Standards
- Amendments to standards
- Corrections to standards
- Practical guides: NEN publication with a practical   explanation of a standard
- European directives

If you have a Company Documents licence, you can also refine your search results in this respect. By default, all types of documents are searched.

Status: Here you can specify whether to search in current documents, documents that are in the draft stage or documents which have been withdrawn. By default, current and draft documents are searched.
Origin: This refines the search to only include documents drawn up by certain institutes. By default, all institutions are included in the search results. You can view and select institutes via the scroll bar.
Language: Here, you can limit the search to documents in certain languages: Dutch, English, French, German or Other. ‘Other’ includes languages such as Russian and Spanish. By default, searches are limited to documents in Dutch and English.
Other: You can specify whether you want to search for documents with remarks or standards which are available as Redline Version.
Year of publication: By sliding the timeline, you can refine your search to year of publication.

By clicking To default settings resets the search criteria to the defaults as indicated above.

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