Types of collections

     There are several different types of collections possible in NEN Connect.

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To collection

An overview of your standard collections can be seen under the Collections tab. There are various types of collections. The collections you can view depends on your license.
The licence number is displayed after the collection. Use this in your communication with NEN. This overview also specifies the type of collection, the credit (how many standards you can add with your licence) and the number of standards in the collection. Anything which has changed in the collection in the last seven days is marked with an orange circle.

Company collections

Download collection

You can download and consult the documents in this collection. In this collection, a distinction is made between:

• A custom collection or a standard collection. Your organisation may have a licence    for a custom collection or a standard collection.

• A custom collection means your organisation decides itself which standards it would like    to be able to consult; you compile the collection yourself. The company administrator can    add standards to the collection, and replace 10% annually. Users can request standards    from the company administrator.

• A standard collection is a collection made by NEN, comprising the most important    standards within an industry or topic. Company administrators cannot add or remove    standards from a standard collection. Here you can see which standard packages NEN
   has available.

Freely accessed standards. These are standards that are freely available to everyone,    because a government agency or company bears the cost of these standards. These    standards are freely available in HTML. If you want to download a PDF file, the standard    has to be added to the custom collection. In this case, the standard affects the number of    available downloads in your licence

Other freely-available documents. These are freely-available documents that have
   a close relationship with standards, such as (harmonized) European directives and
   the Publication series on Hazardous Substances (PGS). These documents can be    downloaded as PDF files.

The download collection can be recognised by this icon:

Notification collection

The documents in this collection cannot be consulted. However, you are kept informed of changes to these documents. Any changes are shown in the Recently changed tab. The latest changes are also shown on the homepage. Company administrators can subscribe to notifications of changes by email. Read more about Recently changed and the E-mail notification.

Standards in the notification are identified by this icon:

Company collections

If your organisation has a licence for NEN Connect Company Documents, you will be able to find these documents using this filter.

Company documents are identified by this icon:

Read more about Company documents.

If you click a collection, an overview of the standards in the collection will appear.

Collection overview

You can select the various collections by selecting and deselecting the search filters on the left-hand side. Read more about Searching.

When viewing, you can select wide view or compact view . If you select the compact view, you can view the title of the standard by moving your mouse over the three dots.

Toon titel

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