Refining search results

On the tab ‘Documents’ you can use the filter options on the left to refine your search results.

At the bottom of the filters:
- Click on “Save search filters’ to save your settings and apply this to all searches on NEN Connect.
- Click on ‘To default settings’ to remove the changes you made to the settings.

Here you can refine the results to the document you have marked as a personal favorite.

Subcollections / Collections
Here you can refine the results to the documents that appear in one or more subcollections or collections in NEN Connect. By default there is no limit on a collection.
- You can only apply a filter to subcollections or to collections. You cannot select both at the same time.
- The order in which the downloadcollections are displayed can be adjusted (by the company administrator) on the tab ‘Collections’.

Here you can indicate which type of document you are looking for.
- Standard
- Amendment
- Correction
- Guide: publications from NEN with a practical explanation of the standard
- Directive: this is for European directives

Should your company have a license for Company documents you can also refine your results to these. By default all types of documents will be included in the search.

Here you can filter on the status of the document; actual, Withdrawn or Draft. By default searches are limited to actual and draft documents.

Her you can refine on the institute that published the document. By default all the institutions related to the documents in your collections are selected. With the help of the scroll bar you can find & select more origins.

Here you can refine based on the language in which the document is written: Dutch, English, French, German or Other. Other meaning languages such as Russian and Spanish. By default the filter is set to Dutch and English.

Here you can refine the results for those documents that either have a Remark and/or a Redline version.

Publication year:
With the help of the sliding boxes you can refine the search results to a specific publication year/period.

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