NEN Connect release notes - August 2018

To make managing and working with NEN Connect easier several buxfixes and a number of improvements have been implemented in NEN Connect.

We would like to hear more about your experiences in using NEN Connect.
Are you happy with these improvements and do you have other requirements? Please let us know using email or the feedback options in NEN Connect (bottom right).

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- Directly read the definition of a term in HTML

In the HTMl version of a standard the terms from the chapter “Terms and definitions” have been marked in the regular text. These terms can be identified by the small dotted line underneath. Click on the term and a pop up will open with the definition.

- As a User receive the changes in your e-mail

An individual user (with their own email address and password combination) can also receive the changes in their inbox every week, month or quarter. Go to ‘Recently changed’ and click on “Set email notification”.

- Generate passwords for NEN Connect with a password manager

We have slightly altered the conditions for the password. Now password managers, such as Lastpass, can generate suitable passwords.

- Add remarks to a standard for yourself or the entire company

Company admins, Experts and (individual) User can go to the detail page of a standard and place personal remarks on the tabs ‘Remarks’. In addition a Company Admin and an Expert can place remarks for the entire company.

- Extra sorting options

Search results can now also be sorted ascending and descending for publication date and document number.

- Instantly see more in Reports

When a company admin opens a report this will be opened in a new tab of your browser. The report will use the entire width of your screen showing you much more instantly.

Questions or demonstration?

A demonstration of the new possibilities will be given during the workshop: ‘NEN Connect, your standards online’. If you are not able to attend or have any questions please contact your account manager or our Customer Service department.

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