NEN Connect release notes - February 2018

To make managing and working with NEN Connect easier, a number of improvements have been implemented in NEN Connect this month.

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Real time update

Instead of weekly NEN Connect will perform an update every two hours.


To gain a good insight into the use of NEN Connect within your organisation, you can now:

  • See in an instance which reports are available
  • Determine the desired start and end date of the report yourself. You can now decide yourself from which period you want to view an overview, so that you immediately receive the correct data.

Recently changed

In NEN Connect it is now possible to view the recent changes per quarter on the 'recently modified' tab. You can also receive this as a report. In addition, users can arrange the columns for Recent modified ones themselves.

Remove documents from a collection

Both company managers and users can now indicate that a document can not be removed from a collection. This can be done by clicking the 'More' option. With this you can indicate that the document can not be removed from a collection.

When a company manager deletes the document, he will receive a notification.

Make a search result directly your favorite

You can add or delete each document in a search result as a personal favorite. If you hover over a result with your mouse, the icon for favorites appears with which you can set this.


  • If an owner of a Subcollection is removed from a license, the business manager becomes the owner of that Subcollection. Click on "Edit collection" and then "Edit" to assign another owner.
  • On the 'Collections' tab, the linked license is also shown in the Subcollections overview.

Other improvements

  • When requesting a standard, a pop-up window opens with a form. The order in which the collections are shown corresponds to the order as shown on the Collections tab. The same order is also applied to the search filters.
  • With 'Exact search' you can also use wildcards (eg *).
  • The status of the standard can now be seen in the HTML view.
  • When clicking on the PDF or HTML icon of a standard that is not in a collection, a pop-up is immediately displayed to add, request or purchase the standard.

Questions or demonstration?

A demonstration of the new possibilities is given during the workshop: ‘NEN Connect, your standards online’. If you are not able to attend or have any questions please contact your account manager or our Customer Service department.

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