NEN Connect release notes - March 2016

We have made the following improvements in NEN Connect:

Enhanced (HTML) Web versions
Late last year, we introduced web versions (HTML) for standards. These are initially being offered for the freely available standards in NEN Connect. In order to enhance their usability, the table of contents now automatically scrolls with the respective position in the standards' text. Additionally, paragraphs are closed when moving to the next paragraph.

Reporting improved and expanded
As NEN Connect Administrator you have different reporting options for your collections. Under the report 'downloads per standard' in which collection the downloaded standards are found. It is moreover possible when a specific standard was been downloaded for the last time.

Setting up an additional Administrator
As NEN Connect Administrator you are already able to set up new users. You are now also permitted to set up an additional Administrator. This may come in handy when you are planning to be out of the office.

Freely available standards
In NEN Connect a number of standards are available free of charge. We have previously informed you of this development, read more. . Via your homepage it is now possible to navigate directly to the freely available standards. Note that the web version (HTML) of some recent, freely available standards may not yet be available. From now on, this will be indicated in the standard detail information.

A few minor enhancements

  • • The 'view standard' button is replaced by a 'Request Proposal' button
  • • When adding a freely available standard to your collection in pdf format, a message will be displayed notifying you that will be charged a credit
  • • Registered users that have requested to add a standard to the collection in the last year will be notified when the standard is added
  • • If you receive an email notification - you will be able to unsubscribe directly through the link on the bottom of the email.

Please contact NEN Customer service for any related questions.
Phone: +31 (0) 15 2 690 391 (Monday - Friday, 9:00h - 17:00h CET)

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