Compare two versions of a standard quickly and easily

The NEN Connect redline module allows you to compare the current version of a standard with the previous version. This means you gain quick and easy insight into which processes you need to change due to revised standards.

To be able to use the redline module, the standard you wish to view in redline must be available in a customised collection or a standard package.

In the demonstration video below you can see just how easy the redline module works:

View which standards are available as redline

Facts about the redline module

  • The current and the previous version of the standard are available for you in the redline module
  • Both administrators and users can use the redline module
  • The redline versions are only available via current standards. There is no guarantee that every norm that has been revised will be available as redline version
  • NEN assesses whether a NEN standard it is suitable to be offered as redline version. It must be usable for you as a customer
  • It initially concerns only national NEN-standards

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