ASTM-VOL 02-03:2013 en

Electrical Conductors

  • This norm is withdrawn since 23-06-2014


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Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 496
Published on 01-05-2013
Language English
Volume 02.03 focuses on electrical conductors, primarily aluminum, aluminum-alloy, and aluminum-covered steel; copper, copper-alloy, and copper-covered steel; and steel wire. Under the heading of aluminum, various specifications define the required properties for stranded conductors and wire, and many list the requirements for copper or copper-alloy wire and stranded conductors. Other specifications detail the properties of aluminum-clad, copper-clad, and core steel wire, as well as guys, messengers, and span wires. Also included are standards on superconductors.


ICS-code 77.150.99
English title Electrical Conductors
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