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Textiles (II): D 3333 - latest

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Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 1350
Committee Textiel en kleding
Published on 01-11-2003
Language English
Volumes 07.01 and 07.02 feature over 340 textile-related standards covering the characteristics, properties, nomenclature, and uses of textiles. These tests, practices, and specifications cover: Apparel and Fabric, Care Labeling, Chemical Conditioning and Performance, Cotton, Yarn, Fibers, Wool, and Felt, Flammability and Flame-Resistance, Glass Fiber, Home Furnishings, Inflatable Restraints , Non-Woven Fabric, Pile Floor Coverings, Subassemblies, such as Zippers, Hooks, and Loops, Tire Cord and Fabrics. Volume 07.02 also contains standard body measurement charts used for the sizing of apparel for men, women, children, and infants; standard guidelines for care labeling of apparel and other textile products; standards for UV protective fabrics and clothing; and a practice for stitches and seams, which has replaced the Federal standard for apparel end item stitch and seam structures used worldwide by government and industry textile organizations.


ICS-code 59.080.01
Dutch title Textiles (II): D 3333 - latest
English title Textiles (II): D 3333 - latest
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