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Materials modelling - Terminology, classification and metadata

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Status Current
Number of pages 18
Published on 01-04-2018
Language English
CWA 17284 includes definitions of fundamental terms for the field of materials modelling and simulation. Computational materials models in this CWA are understood to be physics-based models. This CWA does not include data-based models. The definitions enable a classification of materials models. Using the entity and physics equation concepts, leads to a relatively small number of distinct materials models replacing the current situation of opacity of materials models and simulations that make the field hard to access for outsiders. This CWA also provides a systematic description and documentation of simulations including the user case, model, solver and post-processor: the “materials MOdelling DAta” (MODA). This document seeks to organize the information so that even complex simulation workflows can be conveyed more easily and key data about the models, solvers and post-processors and their implementation can be captured. A template MODA for physics-based models is described in order to guide users towards a complete documentation of material and process simulations.


ICS-code 01.040.35
English title Materials modelling - Terminology, classification and metadata

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