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Environmental testing - Part 2-74: Tests - Test Xc: Fluid contamination

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Number of pages 72
Published on 01-04-2018
Language English, French
IEC 60068-2-74:1999+AMD 1 gives a method of test which provides a standard procedure to determine the ability of components, equipments or their constituent materials, hereinafter referred to as specimen, to withstand accidental contact with fluids, without being unacceptably affected. The fluids listed in this part of IEC 60068 are representative of those commonly encountered in operational applications. It is not intended that a specimen should be exposed to all, or even any of them. Nor is the list intended to be complete; fluids not listed and for which a test is appropriate should be included in the relevant specification. Guidance is given in annex A on the choice of test fluids, specimens and severities. These tests are not intended to demonstrate the suitability of components or equipments to perform in continuous contact with a fluid, e.g. an immersed fuel pump. Nor are they a test to demonstrate immunity from electrolytic corrosion.


ICS-code 11.040.50
Dutch title Klimatologische en mechanische beproevingsmethoden van elektrotechnische producten - Deel 2: Beproevingen - Proef Xc: Vloeistofverontreiniging
English title Environmental testing - Part 2-74: Tests - Test Xc: Fluid contamination

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