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Lamps for road vehicles - Dimensional, electrical and luminous requirements

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Status Withdrawn
Number of pages 162
Published on 01-12-2014
Language English
IEC 60809 is applicable to replaceable and standardised lamps (filament lamps, discharge lamps and LED light sources) to be used in headlamps, fog-lamps and signalling lamps for road vehicles. In some applications, these lamps may be installed as nonreplaceable. This standard is especially applicable to those lamps which are the subject of legislation. In particular, it includes the lamps contained in Regulations No. 37, No. 99, No. 128 and its series of amendments of the Geneva Agreement of 20 March 1958 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). However, the standard may be used for other lamps falling under the scope of this standard, as well as lamps which are subject of legislation but not contained in Regulations No. 37, No. 99 and No. 128, e.g. the non-replaceable (filament) lamps and LED modules. For replaceable and standardised lamps, the standard specifies the technical requirements with methods of tests and basic interchangeability (dimensional, electrical and luminous) for lamps of normal production and for standard (étalon) lamps. For most of the requirements given in this standard, reference is made to the “relevant lamp data sheet”. For all lamps listed in Clause 8, data sheets are contained in this standard or included by reference. For other lamps, the relevant data are supplied by the lamp manufacturer or responsible vendor. It could be based on national legislation. Other requirements to replaceable and standardised lamps such as lamp life, luminous flux maintenance, torsion strength and resistance to vibration and shock are specified in IEC 60810. Such requirements to non-replaceable lamps are given in this standard. For some test methods, reference is made to IEC 60810. Road vehicle lamps for supplementary purposes which are not the subject of legislation are specified in IEC 60983. In countries which legislate for approval, for example under the terms of the aforementioned UN Regulations, it is suggested that reference is made to this standard for assessment of compliance. IEC 60810 and IEC 60983 are not intended for that purpose.


ICS-code 29.140.20
Dutch title Lampen voor wegvoertuigen - Afmetings-, elektrische en verlichtingseisen
English title Lamps for road vehicles - Dimensional, electrical and luminous requirements
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